Tour Cuenca El Dorado

TOUR YANAYACU PUCATE - EL DORADO Pacaya-Samiria national reserve
(7 days and 6 nights)
5 days in our boat from the town of Nauta, is "El Dorado", a large lake in the heart of the reserve, which brings together all the species that inhabit the River tributaries of the Amazon: river dolphins, manatees, alligators,.. .a breathtaking sensation the view surrounded by so much life and nature in its purest state. To reach El Dorado is required a minimum availability of 7 days.

Day 1
reception of passengers at the airport and transportation to the hotel. After have been conditioning in the hotel we will have an orientation time passengers on all activities to make the Pacaya Samiria national reserve.

Day 2
7:00 am
collection of passengers at the hotel
7:30 am
output drive in the direction of the town of Nauta, an hour and a half from Iquitos, road. Already on this trip we can see lots of birds.
9.00 am. Arrival to the city of Nauta.
In the port main city will board one of our boats, to go to the community of 20 January, located in the Pacaya Samiria national reserve to 3 hours and a half, of the city of Nauta water up along the Marañon River.
12: 30 pm arrival at the outpost of the Pacaya Samiria national reserve where descend to register our entry into the reserve.
1.00 pm arrival to the community on January 20, where we will settle in one of our cabins and enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by our expert cooks.
3.00 pm visit of recognition to the community of 20 January
4. p.m we will board the boat engine to see sloth bears and other species abundant in the so-called mouth of the River Pucaate.
6.00 pm return to our cabins
7.00 pm dinner.

Day 3
7.00 am breakfast.
8.30 am undertake travel to the top of the Yanayacu River.
11.00 am arrive at a point of name Renaco, where we will have the opportunity to take a hike in the mentioned place for 2 hours.In the course of the walk FOXs diverse species of birds, monkeys, tree giants, etc. within the jungle.
2.00 pm following the trip towards the interior of the reserve.5.00
pmLlegada the community of Yarina, where we spend the night in one of the cabins.
7.00 pm dinner

Day 4
7.00 am breakfast.
8.00 am continue the trip -
to 3 hours of the Yarina community will botanical walk in the locality of Chingana name. We will visit Lake Chingana.en the heart of the jungle, where you will find birds of prehistoric class, among them the Hoatzins and the Hornbill, and many other species, as alligators, giant alligators and different species of monkeys...
12: 30 pm lunch.
1.00 pm after the journey with direction to the position of control and surveillance of name Soleda.
4.00 pm we acondicionaremos at the checkpoint for 30 minutes, then practice sport fishing, catching piranhas, and many species more.
7.00 pm dinner.
8: 00 pm night tour to sighting of alligators to.
9.00 pm Goodnight.

Day 5
7.00 am breakfast
8.00 am after the trip, heading to el Dorado Lake. This impressive Lake is almost the final milestone of the basin of the River Yanayacu-Pucate. The trip is exploited to observe diverse species of flora and fauna. At the same time we enjoy lunch on board.
5.00 pm arrival at el dorado Lake. We acondicionaremos us in the position of control and surveillance of name Cantagallo for 30 minutes. Then we will focus on the center of the Lake to observe the sunset.
7.00 pm dinner.

Day 6
5.00 am we will have the opportunity to watch the sunrise at the Golden
7.00 am breakfast.
8: 00 am tour of the Lake of gold until 10 am.Then we will return to the checkpoint, to travel and return to the community of 20 January, teams take this return will have much adventure. We will take advantage to lunch on board and sleep in the jungle.

Day 7
7.00 am breakfast.
8.00 am continuation of the trip, back to the community of 20 January.
12: 00 pm arrival in the community on January 20.
1.00 pm lunch 2.00
pm January 20 - Nauta.
4.00 pm Nauta,
5.30 pm arrival to the city of Iquitos.
6.00 pm conditioning at the Hotel.
The Tour may be modified due to the weather. This is an example of the Tour headed to el Dorado for 7 days and 6 nights.