Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

Our Pacaya Samiria national reserve has 29 years of creation, establishing itself as one of the most important protected areas at the regional, national and international level for his contribution to social, economic and environmental.In this course are as achievements have generated information on wild flora and fauna and have developed methodologies for the recovery of the "charapa" Podocnemis expansa and "Taricaya" Podocnemis unifilis, which has been replicated successfully in other parts of our country by various institutions.

He has also been a significant recovery of several species of primates as: "Maquisapa" Ateles paniscus, "Coto Mono" Alouatta seniculus and "Monkey Choro" Lagothrix lagothricha, ungulates, "River wolves" Pteronura brasiliensis, "Manatee" or "Sea cow" Trichechus inunguis, "Pink and grey Bufeo" Inia geoffrensis, Sotalia fluviatilis and other living aquatic species.

He has led the conservation and proper handling of Palm species such as "aguaje" Mauritia flexuosa, "Yarina" Phytelephas macrocarpa and "huasai" Euterpe precatoria.
One of the greatest achievements is to have led to the involvement of local people in the conservation and management of resources as "Paiche" Arapaima gigas, "Arahuana" Osteoglossum bicirrhosum, "Taricaya" Podocnemis unifilis, "Yarina" Phytelephas macrocarpa and Mauritia flexuosa "aguaje" based on management plans that allow their marketing and generation of income, thus reducing the pressure on these resources of the area.
All this context, commits us to manage this natural protected area through proper management that will allow us to meet the objectives for which it was designed, as well as for the benefit of the populations settled on it.