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The Amazon rainforest has a size of 5.5 million square miles of jungle that extend across 9 countries, representing half of the rainforests in the world.

Pacaya Samiria is the largest of the Peru national reserve, located in Iquitos belonging to the region of Loreto. The Amazon rainforest in this reserve has an area of 2'080, 000 hectares. It is the largest protected area in the world of flooded Amazon forest, and one of the richest in the world in biodiversity areas. For this reason was designated a RAMSAR site since 1986. Pacaya Samiria takes in and protects several species in danger of extinction as the Wolf River or giant Otter, Manatee and the pink Dolphin of the Amazon. It is a place of extraordinary scenic beauty and is also known as "The jungle of mirrors". (Documentary)

The climate in the reserve is hot and humid, with temperatures that often exceed 34 ° C. There is two well defined seasons: the reflux, season dry or in summer (from May to October) is known as the Amazonian summer by the formation of river beaches of white sand and the other is the growing or rainy season (from November to April) season, known as the Amazonian winter. Staying  a minimum of three or four days with us you can enjoy spectacular Amazon flora and fauna. You will see trees legendary, tropical plants, orchids, adorned by millions of multicoloured butterflies and fireflies in thousand colours on Amazon evenings. Wildlife stands out for its great diversity. You will find hundreds of species in the wild as the pink river dolphin, the paiche (second in the world's largest freshwater fish), Macaw, the sloth of three fingers and more than 10 species of primates, being the "howler" monkey the more presence. And with luck we'll see the elusive jaguar or caiman cooling in the River.

Thanks to the experience of dealing with our customers we have discovered the Amazon experience through the River Yanayacu-Pucate in the heart of the Pacaya-Samiria national reserve. We will cross the Maranon River, we will see the Ucayali and the majestic Amazon River, this being one of the 7 Wonders of the world natural and pass through the communities of 20 January and Yarina, which will make this trip unique. You will be very secure with our guides. They are great professionals, experts in jungle survival since they are born in the heart of the same community January 20, they take care of their well-being.